Palm Tree Pruning

Palm Tree Expert Pruning  —  Tree Services in Howard Springs, NT

Palm Tree Experts

At Macca’s Tree Service, we have a professional arborist ready to inspect your trees and recommend whether they need pruning. We will arrive at any location in Darwin to perform palm tree pruning that will ensure your palms remain safe, healthy and beautiful.

When Do I Need Palm Tree Pruning Service?

  • You notice infested, damaged or dead fronds
  • Roots are a threat to your home, building or any other structure. That could include pools, fences, paving, paths, power lines, etc.
  • The tree is disrupting the aesthetics of your property
  • The palm tree is in the wrong place and spoiling your renovation or development plans
  • Storm season is coming, and you are afraid it is a safety risk
We Remove To Improve

Unfortunately, we cannot save every tree.

Our team offers palm tree clean up services when necessary. The service involves eliminating dead fronds, removing the entire tree or picking up any fallen fronds. If you want your palm trees to be beautiful, regular maintenance is essential. You can count on us to prune your trees properly and carefully. Thanks to that, your trees will last longer, look better, and remain safe for your property and everyone residing there, including household members and pets.

Give us a call to schedule a tree pruning appointment with our experts!
Fallen Palm Tree Fronds  —  Tree Services in Howard Springs, NT

Palm Tree Clean Up

Did you notice your palm has unhealthy, hanging or dead fronds? It’s best to remove any dry and diseased fronds as soon as possible. Macca’s Tree Service has a professional team ready to provide a trustworthy palm tree clean up service in Darwin and beyond. Once we finish removing unhealthy fronds, your palm tree will look beautiful again!

What About Fallen Palm Tree Fronds?

Our team will make sure to pick up any fronds that have already fallen to the ground and ensure everything looks tidy. That way, you can rest assured we will improve the appearance of your outdoor area. Give us a call today to receive a quote and discuss the details of the arrangement!